Cloud-Based Learning Technologies: The Executive’s Field Guide

You'll learn:

  • 5 simple guidelines for evaluating new cloud-based tools
  • How to choose a new LMS and the right complementary tools
  • Common FAQs for cloud-based learning technologies

About the Authors

Matt MacInnis is the Founder and CEO of Inkling. With a vision for reinventing publishing software, he’s passionate about making Inkling the standard for how knowledge is built, distributed and consumed. Before founding Inkling in 2009, Matt managed Apple’s expansion into international education markets. He has a Computer Engineering degree from Harvard University.

Will Doolittle joined Inkling in August 2014 as the VP of Product. With deep enterprise software expertise based in years of leading organizations like SuccessFactors, an SAP company, he leads the product team, spearheading efforts to create software solutions that take digital content to a whole new level.