eBook: Learning at Workspeed in a World of No Normal


At the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation became a must have: 47% of CIOs say the pandemic accelerated digital transformation and the adoption of emergent technologies. However, the people in digital transformation are being neglected.

Right now, it’s critical to ask yourself an important question: Are my learning and development (L&D) programs designed to deliver real operational results, and not just compliance metrics?

Your programs need to address operational learning and the skills required to help both your employees and your business be successful.

Download the eBook to see how:

  • The realities of learning today are putting pressure on L&D organizations to enable business agility and deliver operational results.
  • To deal with the challenges of trapped content, lack of access and visibility, and slow disconnected content authoring.
  • An operational learning model sets employees up to develop real-world capabilities and skills on the job, shoulder to shoulder.
  • Delivering knowledge on the job improves the people part of digital transformation by looking at real-world use cases.