eBook: Preparing a Strategy for Learning’s New Future



Ebook_prepairing-a-strategy_300x350In 2020, organizations experienced unprecedented obstacles with employee learning. Unable to rely on traditional classrooms and courses, companies started to shift towards digital strategies that enable learning to take place anywhere, anytime. Find out how 2020 impacted learning and what this year’s learning trends look like when you download our eBook, Preparing a Strategy for Learning’s New Future. Included are results and takeaways from a recent survey, conducted in partnership with Brandon Hall Group.


  • What L&D investments look like for 2021, including how companies plan to do more with less through digital transformation and content modernization
  • What the five key stages of “recovery at workspeed” look like and why 68% of organizations are focused on reskilling employees to handle more or different responsibilities
  • What five key characteristics agile learning must have in order to be a good strategic framework
  • What challenges organizations face as they move towards learning agility and the four elements to look for when creating your agile learning environment

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