Jumping Off the Training Treadmill – Identifying YOUR L&D Philosophy & Methodology to Create a HILO

In today’s fast moving, competitive economic environment, companies and organizations are looking for any competitive edge and advantage to attract and develop new talent in order to achieve company goals and objectives. Unfortunately, Learning and Development (L&D) functions too often underperform in contributing to this competitive edge and advantage. In most cases, it’s certainly not for a lack of desire or a lack of effort. How then can the L&D function take ownership of the need to become a competitive advantage and more importantly, take substantive steps to move to higher levels of the Bersin Learning Maturity Model in order to become a High Impact Learning Organization? First and foremost, L&D functions must clearly and formally identify their philosophy and methodology in order to have a road map for evolution and development within the model.

During this presentation, Dr. John Zurovchak shares one L&D philosophy and methodology as an example of how important this exercise can be in order to drive improvement and create that competitive advantage. Hopefully, by learning about one possible philosophy and methodology, attendees can take the first step to define their own philosophy and methodology going forward.


Head of Global Training and Strategy, Restaurant Brands International Inc.