According to the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, twenty minutes after you leave the classroom or exit your e-Learning course out of a web-based training, you have already forgotten 40% of what you have learned. Now add to mix an unprecedented time where stress and distraction is rampant and change is the only constant. Regulations and operating procedures change, sometimes daily, and even the 60% you remember after 20-minutes may have already changed.

This session will highlight some of the key Inkling Knowledge functionality that can support learning science concepts to help boost learning retention and build expertise, especially in times of high stress and change like today. We’ll focus on the end-user experience of Knowledge and how to overcome the forgetting curve with some key learning science concepts like retrieval and spaced practice, elaboration, dual coding, and interleaving so your learners can reduce the impact of the forgetting curve, access training and knowledge in the flow of work and build the expertise they need to be successful at their job and in their career.
Chris Tratar
Senior Director Product Marketing, Inkling

Jim Newman
Learning Management Consultant, Bristol Myers Squibb

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