Ideate. Innovate. Change

Never has the need for collaborative and innovative Thought Leadership proven to be as critical as it is in today’s landscape.

True is fortunate that our pre-COVID experience as stewards of innovation and change across companies, industries, and communities has provided us with tested insights and approaches that are vital to the thought leadership dialogues with our client partners of today and those in the future.

True’s leaders will share real world examples where thought leadership opportunities often originate and how to convert them into salient solutions with our client partners.


Brian Salerno
Founding Partner, True Group

Jennifer Lundgren Salerno
Managing Partner and President, True Group

Dan Vitacco
Sr. Vice President, Training and Performance, True Group

Brigid Ochsner
Vice President Sales & Delivery, Training & Performance, True Group

Bill Budig
Chief Information Officer and Advisory Services Practice Unit Lead, True Group