Keynote: The Digital Era of Business Continuity and Learning Experiences

What motivates your workers to be successful? How do you engage your workforce to be the best? In today’s fast paced and Covid quandary workplace the energy of your organization is your team of employees who are challenged to remain effective while being adaptive. The necessity of every organization to meet the business continuity pressures requires the agility and readiness of everyone in your workforce. To engage your workers to perform the best requires you provide them the continuous learning experiences that are designed to help every individual reach their best and prepare them to adapt and engage their work in the most effective manner.

Listen to Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research who has been leading the market education on the topic of business continuity and technology investments that can meet your workforce needs of today and tomorrow. Ventana Research asserts that through 2021, one-half of organizations will realized that digital transformation investments have not established the organizational readiness needs for business continuity, requiring new investment.

Mark Smith - Ventana

CEO and Chief Research Officer

Ventana ResearchMark Smith is the CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research and leads the vision and overall direction of Ventana Research. Mark is an expert in enterprise software and digital innovation across business. Mark leads the industry in business continuity and how to apply digital transformation for a purpose across the organization.