Keynote: Work will Never Be Normal – and Why Content Agility is the Answer

The pandemic and the rise of variants has caused a delay in the return to the office. Enterprises have to face the reality that it may never be a normal work environment. Still, to grow enterprises need to focus on operational excellence and also empower the staff to make decision on a distributed basis. Part of the race to operational excellence is making operational content dynamic and visual, so that and the on-the-job learning associated can happen as part of the everyday never normal work environment. Join Jim Lundy of Aragon Research to learn the latest work and learning trends and why dynamic operational content is the secret recipe to ensure a high productivity work environment. Key things being covered include:

  • The Key Trends driving the future of work
  • Why Content is the key to Operational Success
  • Best practices to transform learning and drive operational success
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Founder, CEO & Lead Analyst Aragon Research

Jim Lundy is the founder and CEO of Aragon Research. Jim also serves as the lead analyst for collaboration, content management, content analytics, digital workplace, learning, and sales engagement. Jim has over 30 years of technology and management experience as a vendor, user, and analyst. Jim spent 12 years at Gartner, where he formed and led the collaboration and social software research team and also served as a lead analyst for enterprise content management (ECM) and corporate learning. Jim has extensive experience in product strategy, development, and go-to-market plans. Prior to founding Aragon Research, Jim was the VP/general manager of the collaboration business unit at Saba Software. Jim also spent 15 years at Xerox in a variety of software and hardware sales and marketing positions. Jim has a B.S. in finance from Penn State University.

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