Learning at Workspeed in a World of No Normal



Embrace Operational Learning for Digital Transformation Success

As COVID-19 swept the world, businesses had to embrace digital transformation to survive. According to 47% of CIOs, the pandemic accelerated the adoption of technology. However, amidst all this change, we must not forget the people at the heart of digital transformation.

The question that must be asked is this: Are your learning and development programs designed to deliver true operational results, or just compliance metrics?

It's time for L&D organizations to prioritize operational learning that equips employees with the skills to drive business success.



In this eBook, discover...

Ensure your L&D programs enable business agility and deliver tangible results.

Tackle common challenges like trapped content, lack of access, and disconnected authoring.

Implement an operational learning model that lets your team develop real-world skills while on the job.

Improve digital transformation outcomes by providing employees with knowledge that's practical and relevant.