According to Forrester, upwards of 70% of global revenue comes from third-party channels.

Yet, when we think of training, we are primarily focused on training only our company’s employees. Training the extended enterprise of franchisees, partners, distributors, and dealerships can have a significant impact on your end customer experience…and your bottom line.

Join Nyla Reed, Educe Group and Chris Tratar, Inkling as they discuss considerations for providing a modern, digital training experience for your extended value chain.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Sell the value of extended enterprise training to your channels
  • Get training out of the back room and onto the front lines
  • Roll out mobile devices & solutions to your extended enterprise
  • Build easily accessible and engaging content
  • Administer training solutions in your extended enterprise environment
Nyla Reed
Founding Partner
Educe Group

Chris Tratar
Senior Director of Product Marketing

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