Do you know how to validate the learning experiences you provide? Many organizations depend upon anecdotal information and preconceived notions around what learners “should” want. However, there’s a tried-and-true framework for learning validation that’s used by technology companies such as Adobe, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Doug Winnie, Director of Learning Experience at H&R Block, and Ben Willis, Corporate Strategy Consultant for Inkling. With years of experience using the framework, Doug explains how this process captures the real voice of learners and prioritizes what they want in order to build data-informed modern learning experiences.

Doug Winnie
Director of Learning Experience, H&R Block

Doug Winnie is Director of Learning Experience at H&R Block, responsible for learning and development platforms supporting associates across 10,000 offices throughout the country. Previously, Doug was Principal Program Manager at Microsoft and LinkedIn leading the LinkedIn Learning instructor community, curriculum strategy for technology learning content and as a member the Windows Insider team supporting skills and career growth for millions of Windows Insiders worldwide.

Ben Willis
Vice President of Strategy for Inkling

Ben Willis is the Vice President of Strategy for Inkling. Ben has extensive experience in professional services and product strategy and a strong record of innovative product design & delivery. Previously, he was Founding Partner at California Partners and VP of Products at Saba Software. He has worked with clients in a broad range of industries on projects ranging in scope from departmental efforts to multi-national initiatives impacting several hundred thousand users globally and regularly speaks at industry conferences.

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