Your organization faces significant challenges in engaging employees and creating a learning experience that will prepare them for the future of work. Brandon Hall Group research finds that only 50% of organizations feel their approach to learning has them well positioned to meet the work requirements of the future—and 80% of organizations report that they do not have the time and resources to make learning more personalized.

Watch this on-demand webinar to get answers to the tough questions you face in finding the best way to develop your talent to meet the future of work:

  • Where is the future of business and learning going?
  • What needs to change for learning organizations to address future of work learning requirements?
  • What are the best ways to engage employees regarding these learning requirements?
  • What are the steps to creating the ultimate learning experience for employees?
  • How does an organization provide the ultimate learning experience for every employee?
Michael Rochelle
Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst
Brandon Hall Group

Jeff Carr
CEO, Inkling

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